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Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati, Inc.

Subsidiary of the Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS

14 Knollcrest Drive  /  Cincinnati  /  Ohio  /  45237

Phone:  (513) 761-8833  /  FAX:  (513) 761-8860
General Questions OR Document E-mail:
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  • Participation in MLS is available to the firm, partnership, or corporation of any Realtor Principal (a Realtor member of their primary Board or Association) without further qualification except payment of required dues and fees and agreement to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the MLS.
  • Under no circumstances is any individual or firm, regardless of Board or Association membership status, entitled to MLS "Membership" or "Participation" unless they currently hold a real estate broker's license and are capable of accepting and offering cooperation and compensation to and from other Participants or are licensed or certified by an appropriate state regulatory agency to engage in the appraisal of real property.
  • When a Realtor Principal of a firm elects to participate in MLS as a "Participant", any person whose license is held by a Participant's MLS Member office is able to receive MLS services.
  • Each Participant shall have all rights, benefits, and privileges of MLS and must agree, in writing, to accept all obligations to MLS for the Participant's firm, partnership, or corporation, and for compliance with the Rules and Regulations of MLS by all persons affiliated with the Participant.
  • Printed listings and photos, computerized data and photos, printouts, forms, and other materials are, and shall remain, MLS property.
  • MLS listing information is confidential.
  • The information contained herein is a representative summary of the MLS Rules and Regulations and should NOT be understood as complete. Please refer to the Rules and Regulations or contact MLS for more information. The information contained herein is subject to change. Contact MLS for more information.
  • Please contact Cincinnati MLS for a copy of the Rules and Regulations.

MLS service area includes property listings from Brown, Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren Counties. Property listings located in Preble, Montgomery, Greene, Clinton, Adams, Highland, Fayette, Ross, Pike, Scioto, Pickaway, Darke, Miami, Madison, Clark, Champaign, Jackson, Gallia, Lawrence, Logan, Athens, Vinton, Hocking, Perry, Franklin and the Southeast Indiana Counties will be accepted as "out of service area" listings.

The central file of all MLS property listings is maintained on an on-line, real estate information and photo computer system. The data base is established and maintained by the MLS of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. Participants and agents can access the computer directly using a personal computer, a connection to the Internet (broadband / high-speed connection is recommended) and Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 (or higher), Mozilla Firefox for Pc/Mac or Safari for Pc/Mac.

FOCUS on Rapattoni Edge Mobile MLS   Video

CincyMLS Rapattoni New Member Quick Start Guide. (Click Here)

CincyMLS Rapattoni Training Schedule & Class Room Handouts. (Click Here)

CincyMLS and Homesnap Pro Mobile App. Real estate professionals need access to MLS information while they are in the field and Homesnap Pro is designed and developed to meet the needs of our members. The innovative functionality and design of the app combined with the real-time MLS information gives CincyMLS members a differentiating service and game-changing sales advantage.

Realist2 links public record information with MLS data, providing property data, street and assessor maps, and market information. It integrates with our Rapattoni MLS system. Get the benefits of integrated data, improved productivity and top-flight systems support from First American CoreLogic, Inc. Click here for more information.

RPR is an exclusive benefit available to members of the National Association of REALTORS. RPR provides REALTORS with advanced, single-source access to detailed information about properties, trends and demographics. The RPR System is a parcel-centric database that is not tied to whether or not a property is currently for sale. It will contain nationwide public records and tax assessments, which will include deed and transfer information. Current, "For Sale" and comparable information is provided by CincyMLS for the benefit of CincyMLS members only. Click here for more information!

Broker Reciprocity (or IDX - Internet Data Exchange) allows participating Brokers to publish the listings of other participating Brokers on their Company web site. BR/IDX data downloads (for your custom web site) or Broker (simple) template web site design or Rapattoni Smart Framing IDX links (free) are available. Click here for the MLS of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. BR/IDX Rules.

Budget & Finance Committee:  This committee prepares and reviews the MLS budget. (Recommends budget changes to the Board of Directors.)

MLS Operations Committee:  This committee is responsible for recommending to the Board of Directors appropriate MLS rules and regulations, operating polices, procedures, and systems.

MLS Users Committee:  This committee considers changes or modifications to the computer, property features or publications and reports its findings and recommendations to the Operations Committee for consideration.

MLS Lockbox Committee:  Researches lockbox vendors for potential usage in Greater Cincinnati.  Works with selected vendor to develop ongoing communication with members who use the lockbox system.  Sets policies for lockbox/keypad usage.

Application Fee $200.00

Office Dues $392.00 semi-annual *

Licensee Dues $196.00 semi-annual *

  • Entitlements for Participant's dues include:

Designated Broker or Manager's Dues

* Due Dates: April 1st (thru September 30th) and October 1st (through March 31st)

  • Miscellaneous Fees (includes tax):

    Broker Input New Listing Fee No Charge  You have three (3) business days to input the listing into MLS (this does not include incomplete listings).  A copy of the listing contract (or Authority/New Listing Validation 1-page Form - which is recommended) is REQUIRED to be faxed, e-mailed or mailed to MLS within three (3) business days from the list date of the contract.  Please remember to mark the MLS number and MLS Area of the property at the top of the listing agreement before sending it to MLS. (Amendments, Cancellations or Conditional Withdrawals of the listing contract must also be input into MLS and the paperwork faxed, e-mailed or mailed to MLS within three (3) business days from the effective date of the document.) Failure to do so, within the allotted time periods, will cause administered charges/fines of $100.00 for each violation.

    MLS Staff Input New Listing Fee $10.60 each

    Primary Listing Photo (Supplied) Glossy Photo, E-mailed Photo, Photo on Disk, or user Uploaded Photo  No Charge
    Listings will be published with an exterior photo of the actual structure for sale excluding any form of company emblem, logo, or company / agent / seller self-promotion (which includes "For Sale / Lease / etc." or Company / Agent / Seller signage), as the primary image.
    Participant is responsible for taking and either submitting to MLS or uploading the primary image on to the MLS computer system within 5 business days of the listing entry date. Failure to do so, within the allotted time period, will cause an "incomplete listing" charge of $100.00 to be administered.

    Extra Listing Photos (Up to 24 - Supplied) Glossy Photos, E-mailed Photos, Photos on Disk, or user Uploaded Photos  No Charge

    Agent Photo (Supplied) No Charge

    Standard Fine (see Rules and Regulations) $100.00 each

  • A "Reciprocity Agreement" has been created between the MLS of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. and four other local Multiple Listing Services: Dayton MLS, Southeastern Indiana MLS, Columbus MLS and the Northern Kentucky MLS. Licensees whose member companies are a Primary Member of these Multiple Listing Services have the option to join CincyMLS as a Secondary Member after meeting the CincyMLS requirements. Likewise, members who are a Primary Member of CincyMLS may join those Multiple Listing Services as a Secondary Member after meeting the Secondary Member's requirements.

    Contact CincyMLS for additional information.

  • Contact information: Click here for MLS Staff Contact Information

    MLS of Greater Cincinnati, Inc.

    14 Knollcrest Dr.

    Cincinnati, Ohio  45237

    Phone: (513) 761-8800 FAX: (513) 761-8860

    General Question E-mail:

    Document E-mail:

  • The information, rules, regulations and fees contained herein is subject to change. Contact MLS for more information.

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The MLS of Greater Cincinnati abides by Fair Housing Law.

The information herein is furnished by the property owner in good faith but is subject to verification by the purchaser. Neither the MLS, the Broker, nor Agent guarantee or warranty the correctness therein. All information is dated and is subject to change at any time.


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